Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Something crazy

  This time I felt like drawing something different, something I don't usually draw. So I decided to draw this crazy dirty guy. I just wanted to see if I do something I don't normally do. It was just a way to push my skills as an artist. So when I was thinking of this person I just thought of the nastiest,dirtiest,creepiest thing I could think of. He is sis pose to be a crazy homeless bum. who just lost his mind one day. the materials I used were just a blue prismacolor  pencil and my brush pen and a fine typed pen to add a little detail to it.. The things  that  needed some more work  would be. The nose it looks a little flat to me, the eyes and the teeth the teeth looked a little flat also. But all and all I was pretty happy with it. In the future I do want to add some color to it. Just to add a little bit more life and professional shine to it.         

Saturday, November 27, 2010

fun with faces

I was  experimenting with different face shapes and I got some pretty fun stuff out of it. I liked the way I could fit  most of the features into the shapes I created. I was able to exaggerate the forms but at the same time I could make them fit onto the face in a believable way. I just wish I could make them look a bit more finished and polished to give them a more professional look. But in the end I was kind of happy with what I got so far. But there is always room for improvement with every drawing, painting and animation I do.   

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

So here is an animation I did in toonboom. It is still in the rough stages of animation. I still got to rebuild the legs and add some more hands and tweak the posing. But I still think it is worth a post. Because I never post animation.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

greatest fighter in ontario

Just some Scott Pilgram fam art I did.
Here is a life drawing I have done a couple weeks ago. In the session I did not really have a focus on a finished drawing. What I was really look for was trying to get the line of action, rhythm, basic forms fitting into on another and just the felling of the pose. once I get that I can really start moving on to finished details.
Here are just some characters I did from a little while ago. The funny thing is I showed this and some other work to Bobby Chiu at the Fan Expo during the summer. And he told me that I needed to do ALOT of work on my character design. He told me that my characters and my life drawings are like night and day. Witch was some great advice that he gave me. So when ever I go life drawing I try my best to take what I learned in life drawing  and try to put it into my character designs. Thanks to the advice bobby gave me I can now try and push my character drawings.

Me and my new toy

This is just a little doodle I did when I got my iphone a while back. I really wanted to colour this but I just don't know how to go about yet. But hopfully I will an idea soon and color this bad boy soon. But I really do enjoy that pose. It is like I don't know what it is becasue when it comes to new technology I know nothing about it.
First post of the blog. This is my creature project I did in my digital panitng course.  I did enjoy the drawing prosess of the piece. I had a good time thinking of the over all design. I wanted to give it a human look but at the same time give it an animalistic feel. But when I moved on to the painting stage that is where I hit the wall. I was having alot trouble just thinking about painting forms and making them look realistic and giving it light and shadow. All and all I just need to practice painting more often.