Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Something crazy

  This time I felt like drawing something different, something I don't usually draw. So I decided to draw this crazy dirty guy. I just wanted to see if I do something I don't normally do. It was just a way to push my skills as an artist. So when I was thinking of this person I just thought of the nastiest,dirtiest,creepiest thing I could think of. He is sis pose to be a crazy homeless bum. who just lost his mind one day. the materials I used were just a blue prismacolor  pencil and my brush pen and a fine typed pen to add a little detail to it.. The things  that  needed some more work  would be. The nose it looks a little flat to me, the eyes and the teeth the teeth looked a little flat also. But all and all I was pretty happy with it. In the future I do want to add some color to it. Just to add a little bit more life and professional shine to it.